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All Hearing Aid

Mission Statement

We work hard to provide the best care and customer service to our patients.

We are a multiline Hearing Aid Dispensing Company.

Our Services

We evaluate each patient with the finest state of the art equipments in a professional environment.

We work with fully integrated digital equipments including Video Otoscopy, complete Hearing Evaluation and Impedance Tests . The fitting verification tools include Advance Real Ear Measurement and Live Speech Mapping.

Hearing Aid Specialist

Anitsa Lima HAS, BCHIS

She graduated as a Medical Doctor in Cuba in 1986 and immediately she took a three-year residency in Oto-rhinoryngology, which she finished in 1990. In 1993 she took a full-time postgraduate training in Clinical Audiology. In 2002 she obtained a certification in Audiology at the Neuroscience Institute in Havana Cuba. In May 2007, she arrived in the United States and she obtained the Florida Hearing Aid License in August 2008. She has a Board Certificate from the National Board for Certification in Hearing Instrument Science (BCHIS) since February 2011. She currently participates in different events, conferences and workshops offered by the top of the Hearing Aid Manufacturers in order to be up to date with their technology. She worked in Alonso Hearing Aid, Corp for 15 years and recently started her own company ALL Hearing Aid, LLC.

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